Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life and Dreams

Life always seems to be full of surprises and when I say surprises I just don't mean the pleasant ones. Few days’ back a realization dawned on me which has left me bit shaken. And to be really honest I don’t even know if I have the power to come out of this mess without losing a part of me. Few days back something died inside me, something good, something which has been a part of my mental set up from the time I remember. Was it painful, I don't know because if you ask me how I feel at this moment I have got no words. But it felt as if sand just slipped out of my hand, felt as if a mirror has broken into so many pieces that I can't even see my face in it. But for a guy who always thinks more from his mind than his heart it still is tough. And the worst part about all this is that no one has any answers to it, just no one. Someone once told me don't be scared to dream coz they do come true, but today I just don't know....

You are the heart
The heart of my soul
The soul of my conscience
The conscience of my life and its goal

I want to fly
But no matter how much I try
There will always be this distance
Can I ever bridge the sky?

My heart says can you feel the pain
My minds says time will change
But I don't know whether I have an answer
Can I be the same me again.

And to continue with the theme of surprises this is the first poem if u can call it so which I have written. I never thought I can ever write something which rhyme .So kind of really excited ..hey I have become a poet and it doesn't matter if its a bad poem...I am too excited for my first poem.


  1. character is not built in distress it is exhibited...poets emerge...some like coals just burn out n some like diamonds emerge stronger...i know u will emerge
    nice poem btw...
    will try decoding it;-)

  2. the poem is great!!! but the poem with the preeceding text has left me very concerned about you...abbbe a guy like u isnt supposed to be in that state...chal bata sakta ho to batana kya hua? maybe i can suggest something from my bag of wierd ideas, and maybe itl help!!! chal take care n as sid says...ul emerge stronger!!!

  3. so my team mirage loved my poem ....ok ok...just liked my poem and i am down but not out...may be will tell u guys some other time..not now...and till then...sid keep decoding..whatever u kind of interested too in what u decode and thanks shreshth ..even i know not a guy to think...don't have the brains for that...thanks guys.....

  4. clap! clap! clap!!!!
    that was for that li'l poetry here

    and hope u r doing well from whatver setback u had, shishir.

    btw, how's ur mom doing now????hope she's good.

  5. Great poem, Shishir.

    That is a part of growing up, the world goes in a completely different direction than the ideas and ideals we grew up with. Its hard to accept, no doubt. But be strong and stick to what you beleive in. Be well, be happy.

  6. @Swati and Jas
    first of all its wonderful to see u both on the blog world again...and thanks for the poem reamrk....and i am doing fine.. and mom is perfect now and thanks a ton for those lovely word of encouragement ..and i know things do work out in a long door closes 10 other being optimistic...but thanks really meant a lot

  7. Anonymous12:32 PM

    hello dear,i hope u r fine,waise i hope dis z not d fever ka asar on ur mind;-)hey jus kiding,i thnk shreshth z rite his weird ideas realy work sumtime but only if u cn trust him.........atleast i dnt trust him..hahaha.ifully agree wid wat sid said........some like diamonds emerge stronger...i know u will emerge dear tk of karo ab:-)