Sunday, November 05, 2006

While other's keep on talking we keep on rocking

Now in Gurgaon on my job my days in Pune seem to be a distant memory.Memories which were both rocking and fantastic. This post is about the most interesting cross-section of people I ever met under one roof. It was my group or for all of us P10. Where should I begin there is so much to tell. So i begin on the very first day when my friend RAGHAV did what most people find quite endearing. We had this induction where so many big shots were giving these speeches and I don't know for what reason all my friends from Delhi were sitting on the first row. And this chap was sleeping , yes sleeping and the HR saw her but must give it to her sense of humor that instead of saying anything she wrote a note saying if you are feeling bored just go and have a coffee. SO this is how we guys started.P10 was a group in which we had people from everywhere. Kashmir to Chennai .from Kolkatta to Mumbai, but the most amazing part was at the end of it we all taught each other few things and learnt a lot from each other. Whether it be grammar from NILESH or tamil from PK our wonderful CR.We also had few Bengali's with amazing voices SOMA and MOULI.And then we had KINGSHUK wonderful photographer and quiet and hardwoking MANOJ .And my dear friend VASKAR the "POCKET TANK" champion. He even lost to me and i'll keep on reminding him that.Then our local friends I mean NACHIKET and SONALI they were always wonderful. I can't forget the sweets they brought for all of us after Diwali.We had all kinds I mean there was SURABHI soft spoken and we had YUKTI who was always so nice to anyone and there was MADHAV a complete performer, KEDAR was a star with his mimicry and our Delhi girls SWATI and SAKSHI two wonderful girls with amazing energy. And then there was VAMSI our expert programmerand in many ways our teacher. And then there were the NITK guys each an item in itself but each wonderful. UMESH the nice soft spoken guy ,and the crazy but funny VAIBHAV,my fav. KARNATAKA and ANDHRA WARRIORS KC AND MANJU,the hardworking and the laptop guy VINYAS and the tough guy VIKAS they were all wonderful.Then our hi and bye guy VAIBHAV.And last but not the least the Delhi gang "WHATEVER" SAUIB,my wonderful roomate and cool NEERAJ,and our group topper INDER or lovingly called JULIE we all had a blast .This is to say thank you to everyone. You all have given some fond memories and so many new friends. I wish all the luck in the world for you all. And I do miss the SHISHIR , SHISHIRRRRRR…. chant.