Saturday, May 30, 2009

American Pav Bhaji

No trip to US is complete unless you go and see the most important symbol the Statue of liberty. After lots of effort I finally decided to take the plunge and go visit the most striking feature of land of dreams.It was freezing cold and I decided to go to see the statue from the Jersey side .It was windy and cold ,but thankfully not wet and on our first stop we came to the Ellis island. I was very hungry and instead of looking around the first thing I wanted to look was a place to eat.And thankfully I found one.While going through the menu I came up a familiar name PAV BHAJI(Indian Speciality) .I was thrilled ,eating your own cooked food for a long time do have that kind of impact.And without thinking I ordereded it and was I in for a surprise,I was so shocked that I took the picture too.The above is the picture of Pav bhaji and from then on I decided to stick to fries and coke whenever I am in any tourist spot.