Monday, August 07, 2006

Today I am hoping

The sparkles of a champange,
And a clear moonlit sky,
I have an angel in front of me,
And I am almost hoping to die.

My heart is pounding,
My mind is numb,
Does it always happen,
Or it's just me being dumb.

I want to see the sparkle ,
In those mesmerizing eye,
When I bow down before you,
Today I am really hoping to die.

When you said yes,
I can see a little tear in a corner of your eye,
It was more valuable than a pearl,
Like a lightening from the sky.

There is void all around,
There is emptiness inside,
Today I lie motionless,
Looking at the skies.

I can see a little tear,
In the corner of your eye,
It's still more valuable than a pearl,
Like a lightning from the sky.

But today I wana see the sparkle,
In those mesmerizing eye,
When I lie down before you,
And bidding you a goodbye.

So another poem, yes and another sad poem but this poem is an inspiration from a news I read few days back. A young man just got engaged and that very day when he left for home he died by a terror attack. So this poem is just the reflection of a dead man's mind who want to say a lot to the girl he is in madly love with.


  1. Hmmm, a poet in the making! :)

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    kya baat hai ji..........badiya;-),nice thoughts.........neha

  3. i have always written comments straight from here i am down with viral and still been to office for two days and in this tiered atate only one thing comes to mind (dont forget i have an all disillusioned look on my face speaking of total confusion) "Why the hell are these guys after love, every second post is on love, let them join their jobs and when they come back home in a fucked up state, maybe they will appretiate some other things also which i also ever so happily ignored some two weeks ago " ;-) :D

    waise on the other hand Sid has somehow got more facinated with love thing after joining Infy :D

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    hi,waise i thnk shreshth z rite ,job ke baad shayad yeh lov fever uttar jaye tera,,,,,,,,but mujhe lagta hain shreshth might get facinated wid sumone in c-dot.;-)so topic of next post on
    vl b on "love"hahaha---neha

  5. @Jas..yes poet not sure ..just trying my hand

    @Shreshth....ok so u too down with viral and infact u spoke my mind...i thought the same thing when i wrote this..that every second post is on ppont taken..and get well soon..and Sid what to say...he is always in a romantic mood..

    @Neha...ek toh bechara Shreshth bimar hai...and u taking of his facination... do u know something which i don't know..way to go shreshth first week and already rocking..hahaha

  6. Shilpi11:09 PM

    Wow...awesome ya...but i think if u keep writin more of such stuff..i'll stop visiting ur feel lik cryin ya :(

  7. yes shilpi..even i had the same feeling...if i start writing such stuff i'll also stop bloging...anyways just few days before i head for pune lets see if i am able to blog from there..

  8. Nooooooooooooooooooo..........u too joined the ranks of poem-writers........u sure are churning out verses more often than not!!! NOT FAIR!!!! when will i ever acquire skills like those :((((((
    AM JEALOUS, shishir!!!! :D

  9. hahaha..ok swati...u did said i am churning out verses but no comment on how bad they r...and joinig these poet writers not sure...they r very intellectual ppl and there is no chance of me joinig that club..even my best buddy feels like crying after reading what i wrote..i must be really bad..:)

  10. Oh that's beautiful...

  11. shucks!! I was almost dead by the time i finished reading it ......

    And i am under a HUGE complex!!

    It's just perfect!!
    Everything ..... even the sentence formations ..... PERFECT!!!

  12. aaaa..nice thoughts..very well dream lover....whn wud it b a reality man!!1