Thursday, October 26, 2006

So I am back...

First of all it feels awsome to be back home after two months and it feels even better to be writting on my blog after such a long time. But these two months in pune was nothing short of an adventure. It was fun and made so many new friends and learnt so much not just technical but also as a person. Details of few of the very special things I will write in my further post. Pune is a nice place and with the kind of people I met my stay was even more memorable. It was not just fun but I worked also even to my surpise .So from now on I will be in the city which I love so dearly Delhi,got posted to Delhi and thank god for that coz most of my friends got the place which no one wanted Chennai. So in that way I guess I was lucky. But I am gonna miss all those people who I met in pune and who add so much colour to my stay in Pune. Wheter it be trip to the beautiful Mahabaleshwar or wonderful time we had in out classes or the time we spent in the canteen or the movies for which we used to go out. I am gonna miss it all and cherish all this for the rest of my life. Before my training got started a friend of mine said enjoy it to the fullest ,these two months will be like college after college and he was so right. So from 30th of this month my real office life begins and also from now on my blog will not be dead .


  1. welcome back...let the show begin...happy blogging...;-)

  2. Anonymous11:54 PM

    look who's back!!! and happy and cheerful!!!! spread the cheer! :)
    and am glad u had a great time at Pune!!!

  3. Good to have you back!
    Glad to know thatyou had memorable time at Pune.

  4. delete the above comment n do write something more abt pune, the city...

  5. yes i deleted that comment but why not write abt pune?????