Sunday, August 20, 2006

All my bags are packed!!!!

So finaly the day has come and all my bags are packed and I am ready to go.Yes leaving early morning for Pune to start a new chapter in my life and I hope its a good and interesting chapter coz its gonna be a long one. I am off to my job at TCS and must wish luck to the ccompany too,but then they hired me so they should be better prepared. Anyways people say when you leave home for the first time there is a sense of nervousness, but to be honest I am not nervous. I guess it still hasn't sunk it yet that tommorow morning I am leaving home for sure. No one to give my early morning coffee, not sleeping on my own bed, not my own computer,my younger brother not there to trouble me, my dad's love and affection not there and most of all my world my mom not there for me. I am gonna miss all her great food, long conversations I have with her and most of all the concern and love I see in her eyes . So obviously I am going to miss my home and my family. But then I have to move on I guess and change is the name of life.So looking forward for it and hope Pune is fun. And bye bye Delhi ..........


  1. Best of luck for the move, Shishir. I am sure Pune would be great.
    I visited Pune when I was in grade 5!
    I remember when I left home for NJ, I wasn't able to sleep for 10 days, was very nervous, not because what I would NJ have in store for me, but because of the fact that I'd be so far away from my parents. I used to wake up in the middle of night with the realisation that I was far far away from my mom and dad till last year...
    Do keep us posted on Pune and yourself. Take care.

  2. best of luck 4 pune...hoping you u hv a rocking time there...n hoping u carry on wid blogging there too!

  3. hey pune is a nice place...though much smaller than delhi...
    All the best and hope u do well and enjoy this new phase of ur life!

  4. hey, all the u out in this big bad world, all on ur own now, eh???? (am so deperately trying to scare u :DDDDDDD)
    have fun..........
    life's never the same once u ve left just wud never match up to the life at home but it taches u some of the most imp. lessons in life, even if the hard way..........awlright, enuf of gyan for now........:))))
    ve fun! am sure u r gonna enjoy ur stay at pune...have a blast! :)

  5. missing u on blogger...btw hows pune???

  6. where art thou????? got too enchanted with pune to forget us, the blog-buddies!!! :)
    hope u having fun and loving it too....:)

  7. the blog seems to be dead, shishir!!! come n revive it...
    and hope u had a great diwali :)